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Willis F. Follstaedt Memorial College Scholarship Fund

The Willis F. Follstaedt Memorial Scholarship was established by his childhood friend, Vernon Neubert. In his account of remembering Willis Follstaedt, Vernon wrote of many fond memories of the times he and Willis spent together and the fine example that Willis set. Dr. Neubert expressed his appreciation for the fine Christian education he received at St. Luke Christian day school and he also expressed an interest in being able to assist other worthy students, as his own education had been aided through scholarships such as this one. Dr. Neubert retired from Penn State University where he was a professor of engineering.


Purpose of the Fund


This college scholarship fund is an endowment fund of which only the interest will be used to provide college scholarships for qualified students. Applicants for this scholarship must be graduates of St. Luke Lutheran School and active church members of the congregation.


Eligibility Guidelines


Each year a grant will be given to an eligible student. An applicant must be a graduate of St. Luke Lutheran School and currently be an active member of St. Luke Lutheran Church. The grant will consist of the interest generated by the endowment fund for one year. The grant will be awarded based on:

  • Student's academic achievement

  • Student's financial need

  • Applicant properly completing all the necessary forms and application

  • Student's essay explaining their goals in life, why they wish to attend college and how they intend to help their church and community.

This scholarship is not specifically designed to be given to church workers only. Applicants may enter the vocation of their choice and attend an accredited college.


Remembering Willis F. Follstaedt

Willis F. Follstaedt was born September 15, 1924, to Oscar and Louise Follstaedt. He was baptized and confirmed at St. Luke Lutheran Church and attended his day school for eight years. Willis lived on a farm with his parents and two sisters, Helen and Louise. The farm was about a mile and a half from school and Willis and his sisters walked to school most days.

Willis then went on to attend Butler High School, graduating in June 1942. In the midst of the second World War, Willis entered the Army in August 1943. He was sent to Europe as a rifle-man in March 1944. On a beach in Normandy, Willis F. Follstaedt was killed in action on June 12, 1944, at the age of 19. He is buried in the U.S. Military Cemetery in St. Laurent, France. Willis is the only member of St. Luke Lutheran Church to give his life in service of his country during World War II.

Willis Follstaedt is remembered by his family and friends as a Christian person, who was respectful of and devoted to his family, friends, church and school. It is fitting that Willis should be memorialized through a scholarship fund, as he is an inspiration for today's young people as they seek their way in the Lord.

If you would like more information or are interested in applying, please fill out an application or inquire in the school office.

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