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"We have been so pleased with our experience at St. Luke's. This is our first year here and we have so enjoyed the atmosphere, staff, teachers and other parents. We are confident in the education our children are receiving, proven to us by the work they bring home, the extra-curricular activities in which they participate, and the qualified faculty from which they are learning. St. Luke's is a great place to send your kids!"
Ruth Ann Bowen
Mother of two St. Luke children


"Through going to school at St. Luke, I was equipped with a framework of faith that infiltrates every aspect of my life. It still serves as the lens at which I look at life and affects the decisions that I make on a daily basis".
Hannah Duttenhoeffer
St. Luke Alumnus


"The teachers and preachers at St. Luke have dedicated hearts to educate our children, unselfish hearts to spend time one-on-one with them, and loving hearts to teach them how a life with Christ is really what life is all about. My children's foundation was lovingly and firmly built at St. Luke. And so was ours, by being involved and making deep and lasting relationships with other parents. I love that place!"
Lynn Capestrani
Mother of two St. Luke Alumnus


"I think back to my experiences as a child and student of the school; comfort, love, and happiness fill my heart. As a student, I didn't realize how fortunate I was to hear the word of the Lord on a daily basis. The Christian foundation I was given was built to be strong and long lasting to carry me through my childhood, teenage, and into my adult years".
Angela Hawley Turner
Mother of two St. Luke children and Alumnus


"The best term for what I had when I graduated from St. Luke would be a solid foundation, educationally and spiritually. I was provided the opportunity to explore the talents I was given and the encouragement to better myself. Looking back, I wouldn't change a thing".
Frank Skrip
St. Luke Alumnus


"Attending St. Luke School has inspired me to be a better person and know Jesus more and more each year. I like the fact that the teachers' have been preparing me for high school and my future. I love the foundation St. Luke has built for me in my life so far".
Zac Hassler
St. Luke Alumnus

"When we began to look for a school for our children, we were hoping to strike a good balance between a rigorous academic program and a Christian education, and we found that at St. Luke. More importantly, our children see and feel Christ's love every day through the teachers who care for them. We couldn't be more pleased with the home our children have found at St. Luke".
Shayne Garcia-Bish
Mother of two St. Luke children

"I appreciate the attitude and commitment of the faculty and staff of St. Luke Lutheran School to the gospel and to the students that they teach. It is a blessing to have them as a partner in the Christian education of my children".
Dan Casey
Father of two St. Luke children


"Looking back on my time at St. Luke, I was taught good morals and how to be a better Christian. I was also taught how to be a better person and how to treat people with respect. Besides being brothers and sisters in Christ, my classmates and I have become like a true family and lifelong friends. I know I will always have them for support along with the great teachers' who taught me almost everything I know. I will always remember my years at St. Luke".
Amanda Hassler
St. Luke Alumnus


"Although it has been many years since my days at St. Luke, my memories go back to the teachers, staff, and volunteers that "walked the walk". Yes, they taught us about Christ's love, but they lived it out in their actions and interactions. Most of the faces have changed, but I still see a group of adults "walking the walk" in my children's education today. And yes, by the way, their scholastic scores are among the best in the country!"
John Freehling
St. Luke Alumnus


"I am so glad to have gone to St. Luke. Not only did they prepare me academically for the real world but spiritually as well. The entire faculty genuinely cares for each and every student, making them mature disciples of Christ ready to face the challenges of the road ahead. I also built many strong friendships that are still intact".
Matt Peffer
St. Luke Alumnus

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