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The Nicol Scholarship Fund

This scholarship was established in memory and honor of the Nicol Family.  

Purpose of the Fund

This college scholarship fund is an endowment fund of which only the interest will be used to provide college scholarships for qualified students. Applicants for this scholarship must be graduates of St. Luke day school who are members of St. Luke Lutheran Church and wish to attend college. 


Eligibility Guidelines

Each year grants will be given to eligible students.  An applicant must be a graduate of St. Luke Lutheran School.  The grant will consist of the interest and dividends generated by the endowment fund for one year.  The grants will be awarded based on:  

  • Student's academic achievement

  • Students pursuing a STEM related degree:  Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (not limited to, but preferred)

  • Student’s contribution in serving the church and community

  • Applicant properly filling out all necessary forms and application

  • Applicant essay—Student's essay should explain how a Christian education at St. Luke has impacted their life, faith, and future vocation.     

If you would like to assist with this merit fund, please send your donation to St. Luke Lutheran School and mark it "Nicol Scholarship Fund" or donate online here

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