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Little Maestro Music

Endowment Fund

Through the generosity of Dr. and Mrs. Tim Perschke an endowment fund has been created at St. Luke School. This fund's purpose will be to receive gifts and bequests and to use the interest/dividends received from the investment of these gifts and bequests to assist those families who cannot afford to pay the entire cost of music lessons. Monies given to the Little Maestro Music Fund assist in paying the cost of lessons and may also be used to purchase, repair and maintain school instruments. Items related to the school music program, such as sheet music, music stands, equipment, and curriculum may also be purchased with these funds.

If you would like to assist in the cost of music lessons and maintain school instruments, please send your donation to St. Luke Lutheran School and mark it "Little Maestro Music Endowment Fund" or donate online here

St. Luke Lutheran School in Butler County, PA
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