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The Leah Montag Memorial Merit
Scholarship Fund

The Leah Montag Memorial Merit Scholarship Fund was established by a generous gift given by Mr. Allen Montag, in memory of his late wife, to help students at St. Luke.  Mr. Montag is a 1943 alumnus of St. Luke Lutheran School.  

Purpose of the Fund

This merit scholarship fund is an endowment fund of which only the dividends and interest will be used to provide scholarships for qualified St. Luke students.  Applicants for this scholarship must be students of St. Luke Lutheran School.  


Eligibility Guidelines

Each year grants will be given to eligible students.  An applicant must be in grades 5, 6, or 7 of St. Luke Lutheran School.  The grant will consist of the interest and dividends generated by the endowment fund for one year.  The grants will be awarded based on:  

  • Academic achievement.   GPA must be at least 3.0 for every grading period during the current school year. 

  • Attendance record

  • Properly filling out the application

  • Essay about the importance of your faith and why you should be awarded the scholarship.

  • Teacher recommendation

  • Volunteer service and other activities in the community

If you would like more information or are interested in applying, please fill out an application or inquire in the school office.

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